Changes from the beta to release

First off, performance is better all around. Marked improvement for hacking which for me became unresponsive before — horrible in a time event.

I’m up to the second boss fight and I haven’t seen a single Automatic Unlocking Device.  There were four in Detroit alone in the beta.  Hitting the interact key ‘e’ no longer is a shortcut to hack a device.

There’s a few tweaks to the placement of enemies and they might be a touch sharper than they were in the beta.

Basically, it got a coat of polish and some optimization.

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6 Responses to “Changes from the beta to release”

  1. Vipermagi Says:

    All this talk about DX:HR and how good it is, and I gotta (uh, let’s see what syntax works here) wait for it. Truly an agonising experience D:

    Also, I vote streaming your second playthrough. We all love loading screens, after all!

    • Vipermagi Says:

      1. Oh hey, works. Cool.
      2. Apparently, turning off VSynch improves loading times.

      • Vipermagi Says:

        Smaller-than and greater-than work*. Forgot it’d make those invisible if I typed them. Well, now you have three comments.

      • Yeah, that’s about the only option that I changed between the beta and the release. I’ve been running around with V-sync off.

        I managed to beat DX:HR yesterday as a pacifist and see all four endings. Adam mentions keeping to his morals and such in all of them, so I’m kinda hoping that there’s really eight endings — another four for Jensen’s who killed folks.

      • Oh, right and then this morning I upgraded to Windows 7. So I actually have use of all 4 GB of RAM.
        I own a USB microphone and the stuttering in my videos was likely caused by a driver issue with the builtin that would crop up and cause things to be recorded at half speed. I found this out when I tried to use Rosetta Stone and bon jour turned into bwaaaaaaannn jjjoooooooooooorrrrrrr.

        So, a live run of DXHR would work better from a technical standpoint now, but I’m absolutely swamped for the foreseeable future. I’m looking at 37 hours on campus plus 12-plus hours at work and whatever amount of time homework and two sets of lab reports a week takes. I’m not even sure I’ll have time to game at all, let alone something scheduled.

        • Vipermagi Says:

          Ah, wow. Swamped indeed. Best of luck, and don’t forget to sleep every now and then :)
          I’ll just be refreshing your blog every so often to see what you’re up to. Waiting. Watching. *spooky music* *fades into background*

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