Weapons in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

10mm Pistol
It’s your basic sidearm — weak, but reliable. You can silence it and you can extend the magazine from 10 rounds to 22 rounds (although the mag never gets longer than the grip) and you can stick a laser sight on it. It’s a good stealth weapon until the late game when headshots are no longer guaranteed kills. It’s a little too weak to be used in a boss fight on anything except Tell Me a Story.

.357 Revolver
This is the real work-horse. You can get it up to seven rounds from five, and make it mystically shoot explosives. It also does some serious damage. If you’re playing Pacifist, this is your boss weapons of choice — it only takes up six inventory spaces and it’s the strongest gun that you can use without zooming basically.
Fully upgraded, it takes out a turrent in less than a clip.

Assault Rifle and Machine Pistol
I haven’t even bothered using these in the retail game. They take up more room than the 10mm or .357, they’re weaker and less accurate. Potentially useful if you’re going for some crazy run-and-gun playstyle, but they don’t do it for me.

Sniper Rifle
Not one of the regular weapons for me, but it packs a wallop. There aren’t enough long shots in the game to warrant carrying this around the whole time, but it’s a one hit kill anywhere on a regular mook. If you’ve got the space to spare or you just want to ‘borrow’ one from a deceased sniper to take out his friends, it’s a good gun.

Stun Gun
Probably the gun that I use the most. One hit knock-out even in the endgame when a .357 round to the head won’t drop some guys. It’s extremely short range and seems to be rather less accurate blind-firing than it was in the beta, but still an amazing weapon. Also, it’s silent. Single-shot cartridge makes it harder to clear rooms with, but the AI will generally lend you a hand by daftly trying to wake up their comrades.

Tranquilizer Rifle
Occasionally useful in a Pacifist run; but, in general, not very good. I think it’s a one hit knock-out on most enemies, but you have to scope in and account for movement. It also takes a few seconds to kick in, leaving you wondering if you made contact on your shot. It takes up a good chunk of inventory space and has little practical application, so I only recommend for the pacifists.

I found this gun to be almost entirely useless. It basically shoots the concussion grenade effect a short distance. It doesn’t have a lot of ammo and there are tons of concussion grenades in the game. If this gun knocked mooks out instead of just tripping them up, I would use it. As it is, pass this by.

Rocket Launcher
Who doesn’t love a rocket launcher? Apparently me. There’s at least four in the retail game, and I didn’t pick up a single one. There are a few target seeking mods in the game for it, so that might make it more attractive. Get it if you want to cause some havoc.

Laser Rifle
Not particularly strong, but it doesn’t have recoil and you can see the beam while you fire. You can scope in for long shots, but it really shines for blind firing. It only shows up in the late game, but if you need to take out a hostile bot or turret and you’re out of EMPs, it comes in handy. Very useful for the final boss fight.

Plasma Rifle
You get this from the third boss fight and considering how late in the game that is, this thing is pathetic. I lugged it around on my last playthrough because I had the full-size inventory and nothing else to do.

Boss notes
I just completed my Give Me Deus Ex run and decided from my experience that the best way to handle the bosses is to stun-lock them with grenades. The first one may be an exception as the Stun Gun does a bang-up job of keeping him off-balance, and the last is something entirely different, but the second and third I just empty the revolver at while tossing the occasional grenade.
It’s a mistake to fight on their terms, playing cat-and-mouse. I tried that, many times. I tried laying traps using mines. I tried stunning them with the Stun Gun. Your mileage may vary, but stun-lock with grenades did the trick for me.


Next I’ll probably do a write up on the augs. Spoiler: you can’t max out every augmentation.

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  1. Was hoping for more on education science from your comment at Twenty-Sided but this was really interesting, so I’m glad I clicked over anyway.

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