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For some unspecified reason, Livestream deleted all of my videos. So this LP now no longer exists. I may have a backup of the raw footage, but it was an unedited mess to begin with.

While I still hold that the game was good, it lacks something in replay factor — at least for me.

Weapons in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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10mm Pistol
It’s your basic sidearm — weak, but reliable. You can silence it and you can extend the magazine from 10 rounds to 22 rounds (although the mag never gets longer than the grip) and you can stick a laser sight on it. It’s a good stealth weapon until the late game when headshots are no longer guaranteed kills. It’s a little too weak to be used in a boss fight on anything except Tell Me a Story.

.357 Revolver
This is the real work-horse. You can get it up to seven rounds from five, and make it mystically shoot explosives. It also does some serious damage. If you’re playing Pacifist, this is your boss weapons of choice — it only takes up six inventory spaces and it’s the strongest gun that you can use without zooming basically.
Fully upgraded, it takes out a turrent in less than a clip.
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Changes from the beta to release

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First off, performance is better all around. Marked improvement for hacking which for me became unresponsive before — horrible in a time event.

I’m up to the second boss fight and I haven’t seen a single Automatic Unlocking Device.  There were four in Detroit alone in the beta.  Hitting the interact key ‘e’ no longer is a shortcut to hack a device.

There’s a few tweaks to the placement of enemies and they might be a touch sharper than they were in the beta.

Basically, it got a coat of polish and some optimization.

So excited for tomorrow

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So, the blog has been pretty much abandoned, but with DXHR coming out tomorrow, I’ve been getting a resurgence of traffic.  I’m so excited about the game unlocking I tried to cobble together some amalgam of legitimate game and leaked beta to get to it a day and a half early.  It didn’t work.  If it did, I think that there’d be even odds I would have played it all night until my eyes bled and then passed out or that I would have posted instructions here.

This is the only thing I’ve seen in my life that makes me wish my country were smaller.  The game doesn’t unlock at midnight local time, it unlocks at midnight Pacific time, which comes out to 3 AM for me.  This crosses some imaginary line between stay-up-and-wait and maybe-wake-up-early-but-probably-just-get-up-at-6-as-usual.  I suppose if the game unlocked by local timez0nes, then Steam would need to be checking your region or everyone would temporarily set their clocks to EDT to get the game early/on time.

I’m already planning out three runs through the game.  There’s achievements for beating it without killing anyone (bosses don’t count), not raising any alarms and beating it on Deus Ex.  My first playthrough, I’m planning to go on normal difficulty and pacifist.  Second, on Deus Ex and just do whatever looks good, that will most likely include that wonderful .357 hand cannon I espoused in my lethal LP of the beta.   And, finally, I’ll take it back to easy and be super-sneaky to get the no alarm run — I’ll probably also save-scum like a mother.

Final note: I do get hits from people looking for info on the game, so I will look for changes from the beta to anything that I covered game-wise and annote accordingly.  Tomorrow is going to be awesome.


Truth in advertising

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Alright, I kinda hit a wall with the programming — weeks ago.  Something about prepackaged headers giving me syntax errors just threw me off and I haven’t really been able to get back on.  Ideally, I’m still 100% for OpenGL; but, realistically, I hate the Khronos group right now.  Khronos can suck it.  They don’t provide all of the headers you need in a convenient way, and then if you #include them in the wrong order they give you syntax errors — what the heck!  I’m not even sure how that’s POSSIBLE.

So, I hit a wall and I haven’t done jack about it.  Well, I downloaded nVidia’s OpenGL SDK, but that didn’t exactly spur me into action.  Even with nVidia’s “SDK,” things aren’t nearly as convenient as they would be with DirectX.  I’ll hand it to MS there; they can put together a package that puts everything in a single convenient place to point to.  MS messes up many things — I was forcibly reminded of this when my XBox forgot how to use it’s network adapter this morning.

Short answer, I haven’t made any progress with OpenGL and I might not get back to it.  The near-finality of that statement hurts me right in my pipe dreams, though.


Employment and the last episode of the LP

Posted in lets-play on 11Jul2011 by psivamp

Alright, started my new job today.  Good news pretty much all around.  I’m not working Wednesday night, so the stream that I had tentatively scheduled to make-up this Wednesday at 8 pm EDT is good to go.

The finale of my manic/lethal playthrough of the DXHR beta will be shown live at 8 pm EDT this Wednesday, July 13th.


Tonight’s stream is not to be

Posted in lets-play on 08Jul2011 by psivamp

I’m cancelling tonight’s stream. I suppose it would sound better if I said I were postponing it, but I don’t know when a good time would be to make it up. I begin a new job on Monday and don’t know yet what my hours will be and tonight is out of the question for personal matters.

Provided I don’t work next Wednesday at 8 pm EDT, I’ll tentatively plan to make up tonight’s stream then.  More later as I figure it out.



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